My trip to Tipton

In October 2007 I visited Gene's grave in Tipton, MO when I was on a roadtrip across the continent. The St. Andrew Catholic Cemetery is a small and quiet cemetery located on a tiny hill right outside the town of Tipton. It was somehow sad to see that he hadn't have any visitors in a while. There was one single plastic rose on the grave, along with a tiny little Buddha figure. On his tombstone there is a heart with the words "NO OTHER" engraved inside. These words refer to his most praised album from 1974. The backside simply says "CLARK".

Me visiting Genes' grave.
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How to locate his grave:
If you're on I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis, take the Missouri Route 5 south. After 30 minutes, you reach Route 50. Turn left and drive 10 minutes east. When you approach Tipton, you will see a huge 8-ball 30 feet above ground, the old Tipton landmark. Actually, this is the largest 8-ball in the world. First put up by Americas biggest pool table company which was located here. Slow down before you enter town. You must turn right on to a narrow road which leads up to the cemetery.

Sing for the Angels Gene.
Sing for the Angels Gene.

Enter the cemetery through the main gate. Walk up to the angel in the middle. Then turn left and walk 30-40 feet and you will walk right to it.