"Gene Clark was as much a musical visionary as Gram Parsons, at his peak as much a songwriter poet as Bob Dylan and as much a lost soul as James Dean or Jack Kerouac. In a perfect world he'd be as much an icon as any of them."

Sid Griffin, The Long Ryders

Visiting Gene's grave.
Me visiting Gene's Grave.

My name is Åge Engebretsen and I live in Norway.
I would like to welcome you to my own Gene Clark page.

This is not a place where you can find a lot of info about Gene Clark. There are so many other places that are so much better.
But this is my place.

So what is it about Gene Clark? Who was Gene Clark? Why this page?
Gene Clark is most famous for being the one who formed The Byrds together with Jim (later Roger) McGuinn.
That's basically what he is famous for. What he never achieved much fame for, is the fact that he released some of the most outstanding albums at the time. He was way ahead of his time. Today people are discovering the music that he made over 30 years ago, and realize that he created a whole new music style. Going from 60s pop to country, through bluegrass to rock, then mixing everything together to make his own style. His debut album "With the Gosdin Brothers" from 1967 is said to be the first country rock album in history. I think it is a mix of the pop music at the time and the country music at the time. But this was the first sign of what to be heard in the years to come. Poco and The Eagles picked up the tread and helped developing this new music style to what it has become today.

Gene's home in Sherman Oaks,
Gene's home in Sherman Oaks where he died May 24, 1991.
His house is not there anymore, but it used to be where the big house is now, to the left.

He released many albums from 1963 until he died in 1991, and many albums have been released after his death. These albums are mostly unreleased records and demos. I like them because they show how productive he was and how many songs he wrote that never made it on to an album.

So what is it really with Gene Clark? There are three things that facinates me about him; His voice, his songs, and his story.
His voice; There is nothing like it. It sounds sad. You can hear it changed over the years. I would think from alcohol and other bad stuff. Personally I think it changed to the better.
His songs; Melodic country rock. He made most of his songs by himself. Personally I think he was at his best when he was cooperating with Pat Robinson in the 80s. They were really good together.
His story; I don't know if I will call his life sad or what. He never got the fame and credit that he deserved. That is sad. It's sad that not many people know about him and get the chance to hear his music. But I like to think that he was satisfied with the situation. He liked to write songs and record them. I don't think he wanted to be a rock star. When he was young, he did, and he was. He dated Michelle Phillips of "The Mamas And Papas". Look up some pictures of her and you know what I mean. He made his money from royalties. First from The Byrds, later from The Eagles, his own recordings and others. He drove a Ferrari. He lived on a ranch in California by the Pacific Ocean. We will never know. He had his problems. He had them since he was a kid. He died at 46, probably from heavy drinking and other drugs. That is sad. It would have been cool to still have him around playing his songs.

Gene Clark & Carla Olson:
"Gypsy Rider" from the TV-show "Nashville Now".